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Verve Magazine - March 2022

Verve Magazine - March 2022
Who have been your favourite designers to date?

I have two gold-star designers when it comes to reselling: Antonio Citterio and Philippe Starck. Their designs reflect their understanding of furniture and the way it is used, meaning as well as having a piece that looks beautiful, it will be functional and so well made that it will last for generations. At Consignment, we look at quality as well as aesthetics when we decide what to consign, which led us to focus on showcasing contemporary European furniture over other genres.

Where do you look for your pieces?

We have been blessed so far as we have a wonderful community of friends and businesses that support what we do. They either consign their own pieces, share our platform with their contacts, or refer clients, many of whom have beautiful designs but are downsizing or refreshing their homes with a different design approach. There are currently no other showrooms that offer the service we do with modern brands, and only a few that offer mid-century or quality antiques.

Advice when marrying high-end with budget?

Just as with clothing, not every piece needs to be from a designer’s collection. Your room could be mostly arranged with purely functional furniture, but by placing three or four outstanding pieces in there, the whole space is uplifted. This approach also means that you can keep older pieces and those with an emotional attachment, while adding quality designs that complement these and create an exciting and classy space.

Any design trends you wish would disappear?

I don’t think any design trends ever disappear. Antique furniture has probably been the least popular style in the past few years, but it’s being dusted off in the UK and Europe and finding its place again. I like the look of a few pieces scattered around the house, especially if it has a history. Personally, I think that the mid-century trend has been flavour du jour in NZ for a bit too long and would love to see something more modern and inspiring dominate for a while.

With border restrictions opening and travel set to become a reality once more, what city excites you most from a design point of view?

I’m booking a trip this week to visit the UK and Europe in the coming months. Although no-one can beat French designers like Liaigre and Starck, for me the Italians rule when it comes to design and creativity. I would rate Driade, Minotti, B&B Italia, Poliform, Flexform, and Armani as among the best, although there are quality design houses like Promemoria Italy that are largely unknown here. Their attention to detail results in little strokes of genius in the finished product.

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